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AZG Calendar


September - December
Study Intensive

1 Dharma Talk with Eugene Bush

November 3rd
States of Grace:
A Journey of Loss,
Resilience and Renewal
Special showing at the Minor Theater,
Sponsored by the Arcata Zen Group.

4-7 Sesshin with Eugene Bush
8 Dharma Talk with Eugene Bush
10 Full Moon Ceremony
Night Shelter Cooking
Poetry Sunday
15 Well Being Service
27 Night Shelter Cooking
29 Dharma Talk with Eugene Bush

4 & 5 Rohatsu Sesshin
6 Dharma Talk with Eugene Bush
8 Full Moon Ceremony
11 Night Shelter Cooking
13 Poetry Sunday
20 Well Being Service
25 Night Shelter Cooking
31 New Year's Eve Ceremony


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Work Practice Opportunities

Volunteering for one or more of the jobs that arise at an active zendo is a fulfilling way to deepen your practice and connect with the sangha.  Many of the year-round jobs are filled on a rotating basis and, if not available now, may be later in the year.  Other jobs are connected to specific sesshin or events and come up throughout the year.

Year-Round Jobs






 ocean511 -at- hotmail -dot- com

 Chiden (care for the altar)


 greenwater -at- humboldt1 -dot- com

 Aikido Center Open/Set-up


  sentientbeading -at- sbcglobal -dot- net

 Garden - Co-ordinator


 greenwater -at- humboldt1 -dot- com

(Bell Ringer/Chant Leader)


  junedave -at- gmail -dot- com


 Zendo Cleaning


  shafferpost -at- yahoo -dot- com 


 Pelican Bay Sangha Days


  iryoku -at- humboldt1 -dot- com

 Night Shelter Cooking


 shafferpost -at- yahoo -dot- com

If there is no contact info listed above, please email (info -at- arcatazengroup -dot- org) or call 826-1701.

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