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AZG Calendar


2 Eugene Bush Dharma Talk
Eugene Bush Dharma Talk
Full Moon Ceremony
Poetry Sunday
16 Well Being Service
28&29 Sesshin
30 Alan Senauke Dharma Talk

Full Moon Ceremony
20 Poetry Sunday
20 Well Being Service
27 Eugene Bush Dharma Talk

Sept-Nov: 6 week Study Intensive

3 Eugene Bush Dharma Talk
Full Moon Ceremony
Poetry Sunday
17 Well Being Service
Eugene Bush Dharma Talk
29&30 Sesshin (oryoki meals)

1 Eugene Bush Dharma Talk
1 Study Intensive Class
Eugene Bush Dharma Talk
8 Study Intensive Class
Full Moon Ceremony
Poetry Sunday
15 Well Being Service
29 Eugene Bush Dharma Talk
29 Study Intensive Class

Sesshin (oryoki meals)
5 Eugene Bush Dharma Talk
14 Full Moon Ceremony
Poetry Sunday
19 Well Being Service

8&9 Rohatsu Sesshin
3 Eugene Bush Dharma Talk
10 Eugene Bush Dharma Talk
Full Moon Ceremony
Poetry Sunday
17 Well Being Service
31 New Year's Eve Ceremony


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Regular Activities

Practice Committee
AZG Board
Pelican Bay
Humboldt County Jail
Night Shelter Cooking

Full Moon Ceremony
Well Being Service

Poetry Sunday
New Year's Eve Ceremony

Practice Committee: Monthly; date varies; usually on a Sunday from 11:00 - 12:30. Contact the PC (azgpc -at- arcatazengroup -dot org) for more info.

Board Meetings: Monthly; day varies. Contact the Board (azgboard -at- arcatazengroup -dot- org) for more info.

Pelican Bay: Saturdays, 6:30AM-1:30PM

Humboldt County Jail: Thursdays, 7:00PM

Night Shelter Cooking:
For about five years, the Arcata Zen Group has participated with the All Faith Partnership in providing meals for the Arcata Night Shelter. Clients of the Arcata Endeavor may apply for a night's lodging at the shelter, which presently can accommodate twelve people; they receive an evening meal, as well as a breakfast furnished by the Endeavor. Congregations in Eureka and Arcata take turns providing dinner. Arcata Zen Group has been responsible for cooking and transporting a nutritious meal on the second and fourth Fridays of each month. Usually, on those days, a group of enthusiastic volunteers gathers in the kitchen at Arcata Zen Group house at 740 Park Ave. and many hands work together to create a meal within an hour or two. Anyone interested in participating may contact Maggie (shafferpost -at- yahoo -dot- com) or call the AZG at 826-1701.

Full Moon Ceremony:
This is a ceremony where we reaffirm our precept vows. They are held the 2nd Tuesdays of the month at 6:10pm after the evening zazen in the zendo at 740 Park Avenue.

Well Being Service:

On the third Sunday of the month there is a Well Being Service during the regular service at the Sunday morning sit. The ceremony will include chanting the Metta Sutta and the Enmai Jukko Kannon Gyo, reading names that have been placed on the altar at both the Aikido Center and Rin Shin-ji as well as names requested by those in attendance, and the following dedications:

Following the Metta Sutta:
We dedicate the positive energy of our practice for the well-being of all life.
Of particular concern to various members of the sangha are: read names
May all attain the awakened Way.

Following the Enmei Jukko Kannon Gyo:
May the positive energy of this chant pervade everywhere,
And may we, together with all beings
Realize the Buddha Way.

There are some important guidelines for inclusion of names in this ceremony. If the person you would like to include is a member of the local community, please check with them before adding their name to make sure they are comfortable being identified in this way. Using initials only may be helpful in come cases. For persons in the wider world this is not necessary, but is left to your own best judgment.

Poetry Sunday:
The third Sunday of every month we bring poetry and other passages to share.

New Years Eve Ceremony:
Our New Year Eve ceremony begins at 8:30 pm New Years Eve with zazen followed by kinhin.  At 9:10 pm we intend to have a break where we share tea & soba noodles at house.  At 9:50 pm there will be a service followed by 3 periods of zazen interspersed with kinhin during which we ring our bell once a minute.  We pass the bell from one person to the next every 10 minutes until midnight, at which point the bell is intended to have been rung 108 times.  After midnight we will have a Sangha circle, potluck snacks and burning of our old karma in woodstove in house.


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