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AZG Calendar


2 Eugene Bush Dharma Talk
Eugene Bush Dharma Talk
Full Moon Ceremony
Poetry Sunday
16 Well Being Service
28&29 Sesshin
30 Alan Senauke Dharma Talk

Full Moon Ceremony
20 Poetry Sunday
20 Well Being Service
27 Eugene Bush Dharma Talk

Sept-Nov: 6 week Study Intensive

3 Eugene Bush Dharma Talk
Full Moon Ceremony
Poetry Sunday
17 Well Being Service
Eugene Bush Dharma Talk
29&30 Sesshin (oryoki meals)

1 Eugene Bush Dharma Talk
1 Study Intensive Class
Eugene Bush Dharma Talk
8 Study Intensive Class
Full Moon Ceremony
Poetry Sunday
15 Well Being Service
29 Eugene Bush Dharma Talk
29 Study Intensive Class

Sesshin (oryoki meals)
5 Eugene Bush Dharma Talk
14 Full Moon Ceremony
Poetry Sunday
19 Well Being Service

8&9 Rohatsu Sesshin
3 Eugene Bush Dharma Talk
10 Eugene Bush Dharma Talk
Full Moon Ceremony
Poetry Sunday
17 Well Being Service
31 New Year's Eve Ceremony


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EMail Info Page

This page explains why and how email addresses are presented as they now are on the AZG website, and how to email someone using them. The example used here - person@server.com - is a fictional address; no spammers were harmed in the creation of this page.

Background Info

One of the ways that spammers find email addresses that they can send spam email to is by running a robotic program which scans webpages. This program looks for anything written on the page that looks like a standard email address - anything with a word immediately followed (with no spaces) by the @ symbol and another word, a period, and a three-letter word.

In other words - an email address: person@server.com

In order to prevent spammers from gleaning email addresses from the AZG website, we are writing email addresses out. They will now look like this:

person -at- server -dot- com

How to Email Someone Now

If you want to email someone using the address found on the website, you can highlight the address then paste it into the address bar of the email you want to send.

But! You must then change the address to appear as a normal email address should. To do that, follow these steps:

1. Replace the -at- with @ ('at' symbol)

2. Replace the -dot- with . (period)

3. Close up the spaces so that the address becomes all one word and looks like a regular email address.

(Also follow these steps if you just type the email address directly into the email without copying it from the website.)

Following these steps, person -at- server -dot- com becomes person@server.com and will be mailable.

Further Info

I know this is much less easy than just clicking the automatic email-addressing link we used to use, but it is important to try to prevent any possibility that spammers can get email addresses from our website. If you would like to read more about this, which is called address munging, you can click on this link to Wikipedia here. As you can see, we have tried to create a less-common way of presenting the addresses to try to keep thwarting the spammers. While we have not yet had a problem with this, we need to keep the site - and your personal info - safe.

Thanks for your understanding - and if you have any questions, well . . . email me (webmistress -at- arcatazengroup -dot- org)! Or - just call the AZG contact phone (826-1701) and I'll get the message.

P. S. If you find any email addresses on the website that I missed when changing them, please let me know (and be sure to tell me the page on which it/they appear) - Thanks!

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