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2 Dharma Talk with Gene
5-8 Sesshin
9 Dharma Talk with Gene
11 Full Moon Ceremony
Night Shelter Cooking
Poetry Sunday
16 Well Being Service
28 Night Shelter Cooking
28 Dharma Talk with Gene

5 & 6 Rohatsu Sesshin w/Gene
7 Dharma Talk with Gene
9 Full Moon Ceremony
Night Shelter Cooking
Poetry Sunday
21 Well Being Service
26 Night Shelter Cooking


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The Humboldt Area Chapter of the Buddhist Peace Fellowship

The Arcata Zen Group along with fellow local Buddhist groups locally have been helping to coordinate a Buddhist Peace Fellowship chapter here in the Humbolt County area. The local BPF website is: www.HumboldtBPF.org.

The Buddhist Peace Fellowship was founded in 1978. Its mission is to serve as a catalyst and agent for socially engaged Buddhism. Through a worldwide network of members and chapters including Buddhists from all traditions, BPF’s programs, publications, and practice groups link Buddhist teachings of wisdom and compassion with social engagement and social change.

The Humboldt Area Chapter of the Buddhist Peace Fellowship is open to any and all in Humboldt County who share BPF’s mission and who would like to participate in its development.

Those forming the group have already been involved with a variety of activities related to BPF’s mission, including prison and jail work, outreach to homeless persons, letter writing campaigns, and work for the abolition of nuclear weapons and the death penalty. They will continue to explore ways of engaging with broader peace, environmental, and social justice issues.

You can subscribe to the chapter's mailing list by sending an email (humbpf-subscribe -at- yahoogroups -dot- com).

Upcoming Events

Regular Meetings
At present, meetings of the local BPF are generally held monthly. Contact Maggie (shafferpost -at- yahoo -dot- com) to confirm the meeting time and place, and for more info.

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